About Me

It started with my treehouses, I have always loved creating spaces. I love to find beauty in the everyday. We start and end our days in our homes and I believe having that space be both beautiful and practical can make a great difference in our lives.

I believe the way we decorate our homes should be less about trends and more about a place that expresses as much about you as the feeling you want to feel in it.

I strive to help my clients create homes that can express who they are and that can also support them in their day to day lives by being truly functional. I look for furniture that is lovely and useful and I aim to create spaces that flow with the rhythm of our days.

Casey and Jay Hebb

We have been fortunate to have Mika as our designer on a number of projects, from new development projects, to office spaces to our own homes. I hardly have words for what an incredibly rewarding and joyful process it is to work with Mika. She has an uncanny ability to take the incoherent jumble of words and images we have as ideas and turn them into a finished, beautiful space that both surpasses our hopes and expectations and is also a perfect representation of our family. Working with Mika felt like hanging out with a close friend and we looked forward to every interaction through the process. Beyond her impeccable eye for color, texture and design, Mika’s warmth and heart truly come through in the end result. We love the unique vintage treasures Mika finds that are sprinkled throughout our home and create a deeper, more interesting result than we would have received elsewhere. She is the absolute best and we hope to be lucky enough to work with Mika on future projects!

Casey and Jay Hebb



Mika’s got a lot of magic… I have so many stories I could share about the joy she’s brought into the process of decorating my home. Inspiration, perfect pieces, practicality, ease, beauty, simplicity, patience, truth, trust, and fun.

I love our home, but for years it was hard for me to feel settled because our decor didn’t reflect who we really were. I didn’t know where to start, and I didn’t think I had enough of a budget to hire help. I’m also really visually picky, having been a professional photographer in my past working life, so the idea of bringing someone in to help was daunting.

My relationship with Mika started with a simple consult about one room. I thought I needed a new couch, she suggested we start with the rug, and piece by piece, she’s unlocked the soul of my home.

All of that while saving me heaps of time, energy, and money. I didnt buy an expensive new couch that didnt fit our space. I bought a beautiful old rug that elevated the whole room. She has gently nudged me in new amazing directions, and patiently waited for me to see what she was seeing…sometimes weeks. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and moved rooms around right then and there, gasping and laughing. She knows where to thrift, where to splurge, and is so practical about how we really live in our space.

I am so grateful that I found Mika, and have had way too much fun with her creating a space that I can really call home.

Ashley Davis Tilly


I have worked with Mika on a number of different projects throughout houses we were renovating. Mika listens and understands the needs of her clients so well! She was able to capture and convey my style and vision right away while helping me achieve what I never could have done on my own. Her incredible attention to detail and creative eye for adding the perfect finishing touches transformed our home into a sanctuary that we never want to leave. It’s a pleasure to work with Mika!

Heather Ponce


I would love to hear from you!

Please reach out with with any questions, if you would like to book a consult or want to set up a appnt to browse my curated vintage home decor studio