It started with my treehouses, I have always loved creating spaces. I love to find beauty in the everyday. We start and end our days in our homes and I believe having that space be both beautiful and practical can make a great difference in our lives.

I believe the way we decorate our homes should be less about trends and more about a place that expresses as much about you as the feeling you want to feel in it.

I strive to help my clients create homes that can express who they are and that can also support them in their day to day lives by being truly functional. I look for furniture that is lovely and useful and I aim to create spaces that flow with the rhythm of our days.

Pure Magic

Meeting Mika has been pure magic. Not only has she helped me designed the interior of my new home more beautifully than I could have imagined, but she supported me every step of the way to find the style that truly honored me, my taste, my vision, and my budget. She’s truly an artist, gifted at what she does, and a wonderful human being

Leah Pearlman
Boulder, Colorado